August 31, 2020

An experiment conducted at Tel Aviv University found that using social robots helps improve the skills of students aged 9-5. In some classes, children learned to identify verbs and nouns through a series of questions and answers. "The robots enable a deep understanding of the material and enrich the teaching experience."
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August 31, 2020

Dr. Goren Gordon talks about a joint study with Dr. Einat Gonen

On the development of social robots that will make it easier for children to learn languages ​​and help teachers in language and English classes


July 15, 2020

A new review paper on Curiosity in Robotics, summarizing the most recent advances in the field [link

March 29, 2020

Our work on "Digital Interactive Quantitative Curiosity Assessment Tool: Questions Worlds", presented by Noam Tor, has won the "Best Presentation Award" at the EAET2020 conference.

January 19, 2020

Louis Ben David, 15, studies in the 11th grade. He writes artificial intelligence research. His research topic is - How a curious robot can maximize his learning in limited environments with various obstacles. Ben David immigrated from France three years ago and does his research under the Alpha program , Tel Aviv University Youth, in Dr. Goren Gordon's C...

November 17, 2019

Interview with Dr. Goren Gordon in The article in a ״Cultural Agent״ programOn Channel "Kan 11" on TV:How do you study curiosity, and why are robots so good at it?

A visit to Dr. Goren Gordon's Curiosity Lab, Assaf Ronel ans Zohar Barnett's article.


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